No churn mango swirl ice cream with pistachios and almonds


Although summer is still a few weeks away here, it is at its peak in India! Everyday I log into my online food group only to be bombarded by a barrage of ice cream posts ! Ultimately enough was enough, and I ended up making this summer delight ?

The month of May, for me, as a child was synonymous with summer break from school, vacations which were usually spent in Goa , that was the time of the year us cousins met and had a blast!


Summers also meant an abundance of mangoes in our household. Back then, in Goa , we had a number of mango trees, my uncle would hire a few workers to remove the mangoes ,that we gobbled up happily later. I love Alphonso mangoes , they are sweet, juicy, aromatic,  their flesh is smooth with practically no fibers. In India they are referred to as the”King of mangoes”.


To make this no churn mango swirl ice cream, the best I could find here in the US was this Kesari  ( another kind of mango) pulp from an Indian store. I absolutely love this swirl effect, its such a great and inexpensive way of elevating the look of a dessert.

A big shout out to Mrs Teji Singh of Teji’s kitchen , who introduced me to the concept of a no churn ice cream. You can find her basic vanilla ice cream recipe here. I now gladly whip up any flavored ice cream in the convenience of my kitchen.

Enjoy this yummilicious ice cream:)


2 cups Heavy Cream

1 cup condensed milk

1 cup mango pulp

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract (optional)

1/2 cup coarsely ground pistachios and almonds

Castor sugar ( if required)


1. Whip the heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk along with the vanilla extract until it forms soft peaks. ( about 7 to 10 minutes, I used an electric hand mixer )


2.In a freezer safe box, put a layer of the whipped cream mixture, next sprinkle some of the coarsely ground nuts, next drop spoonfuls of the mango pulp.


3.Repeat the above step two more times. Swirl the mango pulp through the container with the help of a butter knife/ skewer to create the swirls.

4. Cover the container and freeze it until set, preferably overnight.

5.Garnish with more nuts/or other desired toppings



1.Make sure that the heavy cream, condensed milk, bowl and the beaters are all chilled before initiating the whipping process.

2. Alternatively , you can also use an ice bath,to quicken the whipping process.

3.This can easily be done with any other fruit instead of mango.

4.The mango pulp that I used was already sweetened, so I didn’t need extra sugar, if you need to add, then add it along with the heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk.

Until the next post!




  1. cafegarima says:

    This looks gorgeous!
    I’ve tried the 1:1:1 ratio of heavy cream, condensed milk
    and pulp, but that gave me some crystals. I then tried with more cream and it was much much better.
    This looks like something I’d love to try. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  2. mypinchofyum says:

    They look soo good Freda.. Yumm! Even i had made my mango ice cream the similar way. But your mango pulp swirl is a great idea. I will try doing that the next time. Thanks.:)

  3. Smiling Notes says:

    The photos are absolutely drool-worthy! LoL. I’m a huge fan of mangoes and I miss the alphonso mangoes back home 🙁 Like you said, they are indeed the ‘King of mangoes.’ But nonetheless, I will definitely give this a try 🙂

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