Homemade mango jam ( Mangaad)


My first stint with jam making was a big disaster, I had tried my hand at making grape jelly and I over cooked it causing the jam to thicken beyond the jelly consistency. Well I learnt from my mistake, and with a little help and instructions from my mother in law, I did succeed at making a delicious jam this time.


My late aunt who lived in Goa would make this really amazing jam , she would always send some for us. I remember eating this jam plain just with a spoon and no bread and it transported me to mango heaven 🙂 it was that delicious !

It had been years since I had tasted this mango jam, and the store bought mango jam is worlds apart from what I was used to , so obviously I never ended up buying it again. Until I got married and tasted the mango jam that my mother in law made , and oh my ! I was back in mango heaven again !!?

This is a three ingredient recipe, difficult to mess up and lip smacking to eat , even without any bread ,you must give this a try !




2.25 pound medium ripe mangoes ( about 7 mangoes)

2 cups granulated cane sugar

1 tablespoon lime juice


1. Peel the mangoes, discard the inner seed and skin. Scoop out the mango flesh in a bowl.


2.With the back of a fork mash the mango pulp, leaving little chunks of mango for added texture.


3.In a wide pan/ non stick pan , add mango pulp, sugar and lime juice, heat it on medium high heat and mix well with a wooden spatula.


4. Once the mixture starts bubbling reduce the heat to medium , and stir continuously until the mixture reaches a jam consistency. ( about 35-40 minutes)


After 15 minutes of stirring


after 35 minutes of stirring

5. If you see the jam separating in the pan when you set it apart with the spatula, it is done. Remove it from the heat and check for the jam doneness test.

Jam doneness test : Put a tablespoon of jam on a cold plate, wait for a few seconds, then run your finger through the jam, if it stays apart ( as shown in the pic) it is done, if its runny, then its needs to be boiled for a few more minutes.


5. Transfer the prepared jam to a sterilized air tight container and store in a cool and dry place.



1. Initially I directly added 2 cups of sugar, heated the whole mixture as stated in point 3, and did a little taste test for the sweetness, it was perfect for me, add sugar according to the sweetness of the mangoes.


  1. Linda Creation says:

    Woooow Freda dis is ma favorite & u just refresh da memories i use to make with ma Granny and we call it Mangada in Kokani will sure try for this vacation if i get mangoes @ Goa in August. keeping ma finger cross. & we use to make 5 kg & da stock for whole year and we use to add Cardamom.

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