Chicken quesadilla

image So today we decided on having some Mexican cuisine for lunch, chicken quesadilla with corn salsa and guacamole was the clear winner. I marinated the chicken overnight, it makes whipping up a meal for lunch real quick. I first had these at a wonderful Mexican restaurant, and absolutely loved all the gooey cheesy goodness, Okay I think I’m acting like a child, but com’on who doesn’t like cheese?? It was also the first time I had  tres leches cake, that was the most amazingly moist cake that I have ever had, can’t wait to try baking that at home soon enough! Continue reading →

Meatloaf muffin with ketchup-brown sugar glaze


So today we decided on having something American for lunch, and what better than the classic meatloaf accompanied with sour cream mashed potatoes, perhaps one of America’s most loved comfort foods ! I think these muffin sized meat loaves are perfect size for individual serving , and I think they look cute too!! I’ve added an Indian touch to these muffin meat loaves with the addition of Kashmiri chilly powder, ginger , garlic and cilantro, some of the big guns of Indian cuisine . The brown sugar tomato glaze balances the little heat in the meatloaf. Continue reading →

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