Veg chilli cheese toast


Chilli cheese toast is a quick and delicious Indian snack! Spicy and cheesy….simply yum! It’s not to be confused with the chilli you get here in the US. It’s a simple, open faced toast with cheese and lots of spicy green chillies. Well it’s not the healthiest snack out there, but its alright to indulge in junk food once in a while, no? I just added colored bell peppers and corn to make this a little colorful :p Continue reading →

Cheesy beetroot croquettes


These beetroot croquettes were just an experiment , But I absolutely loved the end result. So deemed it worthy to be shared. Anything fried makes life good now, isn’t it ? But what if we can enjoy the same treats with very little oil ? Here is where I use my ‘miracle’ pan – ebelskiver.  Continue reading →

Chicken quesadilla

image So today we decided on having some Mexican cuisine for lunch, chicken quesadilla with corn salsa and guacamole was the clear winner. I marinated the chicken overnight, it makes whipping up a meal for lunch real quick. I first had these at a wonderful Mexican restaurant, and absolutely loved all the gooey cheesy goodness, Okay I think I’m acting like a child, but com’on who doesn’t like cheese?? It was also the first time I had  tres leches cake, that was the most amazingly moist cake that I have ever had, can’t wait to try baking that at home soon enough! Continue reading →

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