Murgh malai kebab/Chicken malai kebab


Murgh malai kebab or Reshmi kebab is a rich, creamy and insanely delicious kebab from the royal Mughlai cuisine. What makes it so rich, is the use of cream of course, along with some cheese and yogurt. The resultant marinade spiked with ginger garlic and green chillies along with aromatics like nutmeg and the floral cardamom results in a luxuriously rich and scrumptious end product. It’s commonly featured in most restaurant menu’s as a popular appetizer.  Continue reading →

Recheado chicken drumsticks

chicken drumsticks

Howdy guys !

I’m back after another mini vacation from Goa! It was more of a hectic vacation, meeting relatives and shopping for all the spices and other foodstuff to carry back home.

Since I’m back from Goa, it’s only apt I share something from the region – Rechaedo chicken drumsticks. Although Recheado is mostly used as a marinade for fish and other sea food in Goa, I learnt about using it for poultry from my mum in law. And let me tell you, it complements chicken very well too, especially if the marinade is left overnight. I’ve already shared the recipe of Recheado masala earlier, in case you missed it, you can find it here🙂 Continue reading →

Chicken seekh kebab


Hello folks! Hope everyone is doing good 🙂

The term Seekh is generally referred to a skewer . Minced lamb meat is the most popular choice for these Seekh kebabs, but these can be easily made with other meats like beef, chicken and mutton as well. Today I decided to make them with chicken . Making these kebabs involves a very simple procedure , minced/ ground meat is seasoned with spices , skewered and grilled . Traditionally  they are grilled over a coal fire , which imparts a wonderful smoky flavor, but it can also be done in an oven or a grill/griddle pan.
It does make a scrumptious , irresistible appetizer or is even great as a side to a meal. Continue reading →

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