Black forest milk shake


Black forest cake, a decadent and moist chocolate cake filled with whipped cream frosting and cherry topping, is one of my all time favorites. However getting one from the store would mean getting out in the heat. Plan B, make it at home ? that would take almost an hour with the prep and baking. Why not make a black forest inspired treat which would take less than 5 minutes, provided you have frozen pitted cherries and ice-cream. Intrigued ?? Well here is my take on a black forest milk shake that is a breeze to prepare and has all the flavors of a classic black forest cake. Continue reading →

Apam balik ( South East Asian pancakes)


Natascha from Natascha’s palace is hosting a pancake party , and I’m delighted to bring along these apam balik , a type of pancake popular in  South east Asian countries like Malaysia , Singapore & Indonesia. These are sweet crispy pancakes that are stuffed with an interesting mixture of peanuts, sugar & creamed corn  along with loads of other  add on’s like sesame seeds, chocolate & cheddar cheese . The batter for this pancake is fermented using yeast. I used dark chocolate – peanut butter along with some crushed peanuts for the filling. Whilst grinding the peanuts I ended up over grinding them, hence they weren’t as coarse as I wanted them to be, so that’s the only thing I would redo if I had to! Other than that these were really good and quite different for a change from the regular pancakes. I served them along with some berries and that made for a lovely Sunday breakfast ! Will I make this again? Sure I will, probably with some other flavor combination or some other nut butter , perhaps ?? 😀 Continue reading →

Cake truffles


Hello folks !
Today’s post is quite an unexpected one for I didn’t plan on making these cake truffles! What I had in fact planned on sharing was a simple cake , an experiment that didn’t have a successful outcome. The cake didn’t turn out bad, but was not great either !
So what to to with the cake gone wrong ? Make cake pops , that’s what came to my mind as that’s probably the most convenient option out there ! So I shopped for these sprinkles and candy melts and wait ! I forgot the lollipop sticks itself ! How silly ! So cake truffles it was instead! They tasted so much better with the cream cheese and condensed milk binding and that chocolate coating of course ! I added a bit of cocoa powder as the cake was plain vanilla flavored. A little cakey and fudgy like a good dense brownie  , slathered in chocolate , best of both the world’s  ? Continue reading →

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