Veg Schezwan/Sichuan noodles stir fry



I really don’t need  a reason to indulge on Indo-Chinese cuisine!!

What’s not to love about it?

– It’s all done in a matter of minutes, just the ideal quick-fix meal we all desire sometimes.

– Needless to say it’s delicious, the layers of umami flavor is surely what makes you drool at the thought of Indo-Chinese.

– I frankly don’t need a reason to make Indo-Chinese meals, coz no matter whatever dish you prepare, veg or non-veg, you’re palate and taste buds will thank you for the super scrumptious meal, and so will the rest of your family and friends. Continue reading →

Schezwan sauce

Sharing with you’ll a super simple Indo Chinese condiment, the popular Schezwan sauce!!  I think recheado masala is to Goan cuisine as Schezwan sauce is to the Indo-Chinese cuisine. They are pretty similar except for the use of sichuan peppers in the latter , also schezwan sauce doesn’t use garam masalas. Continue reading →

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