Tres leches cake


Tres leches cake, also known as three milk cake, is a dense and moist cake topped with whipped cream. So what makes this cake super moist? It’s pretty simple, Tres leches , that is combination of three milk products- condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream or whole milk. You will be surprised how the cakes soaks up that quantity of liquid, this cake is like a really big sponge soaking up all that sweet milk goodness and the end product- An ambrosial treat! You have to try this , to understand what I’m trying to say!! Continue reading →

Chicken quesadilla

image So today we decided on having some Mexican cuisine for lunch, chicken quesadilla with corn salsa and guacamole was the clear winner. I marinated the chicken overnight, it makes whipping up a meal for lunch real quick. I first had these at a wonderful Mexican restaurant, and absolutely loved all the gooey cheesy goodness, Okay I think I’m acting like a child, but com’on who doesn’t like cheese?? It was also the first time I had  tres leches cake, that was the most amazingly moist cake that I have ever had, can’t wait to try baking that at home soon enough! Continue reading →

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