Bagara baingan (Eggplant curry)


It’s time for  Lina’s April challenge . This time Lina had a rather unusual challenge for us, we had to select a random number, from 1-30 , upon selecting a certain number she would reveal the dish alloted  for that particular number . I  selected the number 12. Continue reading →

Schezwan sauce

Sharing with you’ll a super simple Indo Chinese condiment, the popular Schezwan sauce!!  I think recheado masala is to Goan cuisine as Schezwan sauce is to the Indo-Chinese cuisine. They are pretty similar except for the use of sichuan peppers in the latter , also schezwan sauce doesn’t use garam masalas. Continue reading →

Goan pork sorpotel


Hello folks! I hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday season:) Here’s wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New year 2016!

So today’s post is kind of a guest post, none other then the hubby himself! And why this post? Coz he is a big sorpotel fan, and it was only fitting that I ask him to write today’s post. I have never tried making this classic Goan dish! If you have been following my blog, you know I love learning traditional recipes, then how could this be left out?? And since my in laws were here, it was the perfect opportunity to learn how sorpotel is made. Continue reading →

Goan Recheado masala


Recheado masala, is a very popular Goan condiment. It is fiery and tangy, mostly used as a stuffing for mackerels, and other sea food. This paste is so versatile, it can also be used for marinating chicken,  and so many other dishes, You can check my post on Goan style calamari,where I’ve used recheado masala paste for the preparation of this dish. This can also be used as a marinade for chicken , prawns or even Paneer. Continue reading →

Homemade lime pickle



Lime pickle is one of my favorite pickles along with the Gujarati sweet mango chunda pickle. It is a perfect accompaniment to simple meals like rice and dal (lentil curry). This lime pickle is tangy,a little spicy and sweet, along with adding flavor to a meal, it also aids in digestion. Continue reading →

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