Marzipan Easter Eggs




It’s Easter time !  and we all know what that means, bunnies and colorful eggs all around.

Time to make some Easter treats of my own !!

My love affair with Marzipan began when I along with my mom and little sister would get together every year to create some Easter sweetness. These would vanish within a few days of being prepared . Me and my sister couldn’t stop over indulging on  these little bites of goodness. Unlike my moms older method, this recipe doesn’t require cooking, thanks to my moms dear friend who shared with her this super simple recipe . One word – delectable !




Ingredients :
12 oz of unsalted cashew nuts
12 oz of icing sugar
7-10 drops of almond extract
Sugar syrup ( 2 tablespoons of sugar in 1/4 cup of warm water).
Food colours

1.Grind the cashews to a fine powder, in intervals. Sieve it using a sifter, if you are left with larger cashew nut pieces, collect them all, and grind again.

image1-14 (1)

2. Now mix the icing sugar with the ground cashew nuts along with few drops of almond extract,  ( do not add a lot as it will be too overwhelming , I added about 10 drops) , and make a dough using sugar syrup , adding little at a time.




3. Divide the dough according to the food colours you need to add by making a well in the center and adding about 3 to 4 drops of food colour.

4.The dough will start leaving the natural oils present in the cashew nuts,do not do anything about it , as it will dry up later , once your dough is ready , divide them into smaller balls and shape them using the moulds.

5. Once done, keep it overnight to dry , before you store it in air tight container .

Wishing each and everyone a Happy Easter 🙂




  1. theextraaamile says:

    another one of my favorite Christmas sweets 🙂 my sister made marzipans for Easter, different shapes and colors…I went mad 🙂 I would open the fridge and keep eating whenever possible 😉

  2. uk writing says:

    You see, once I visited your blog I am in love with it. This recipe is so cool and I thought I’ll do it with my little sister. It would be very interesting for her. As it is not Easter now we’ll do something a little bit another.

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