Rainbow carrot salad with honey lemon dressing


I’m not a salad person really, but do have it occasionally. Now I didn’t know about rainbow carrots until I saw these as an ingredient in the chopped basket, the show ‘ Chopped’ that airs on Food network ( I love that show).


I spotted these beauties at Whole foods, and just grabbed a bag out of sheer excitement. That being done, I wanted to retain the color of these carrots, so a salad was the best option that I could think of. I dressed them with a simple honey lemon dressing, the salad was light, summery and delicious. I enjoyed it as a side with tandoori salmon.





About 200 grams shredded organic rainbow carrots, about 6 carrots

10 cherry tomatoes, cut into half

Handful of lettuce

1/4 cup cashewnuts or any other nuts

For the dressing:

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 & 1/2 tablespoons organic honey

Salt and freshly ground pepper to season


1. Whisk all the ingredients for the dressing well and set aside.

2.Place the shredded carrots, lettuce, cherry tomatoes & cashew nuts in a bowl, add the dressing and toss everything well. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


Health benefits of carrots- http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/Β :

  • According to the United States Department of Agriculture, one medium carrot or Β½ cup of chopped carrots is considered a serving size. One serving size of carrots provides 25 calories, 6 grams of carbohydrate, 3 grams of sugars and 1 gram of protein.
  • Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, providing 210% of the average adult’s needs for the day. They also provide 6% of vitamin C needs, 2% of calciumΒ needs and 2% of iron needs per serving.
  • It is the antioxidant beta-carotene that gives carrots their bright orange color. Beta-carotene is absorbed in the intestine and converted into vitamin A during digestion.
  • Carrots also contain fiber, vitamin K, potassium, folate, manganese, phosphorous, magnesium, vitamin E and zinc.
  • Farmer’s markets and some specialty stores carry carrots in a range of colors – like purple, yellow, and red – that contain a variety of antioxidants lending them their color (such as anthocyanin in purple carrots and lycopene in red carrots).




  1. Smiling Notes says:

    Ok now why have I have never heard or seen these rainbow carrots? I gotta keep my eyes open lol. Thanks for introducing these new types of carrots and of course the recipe looks yummy! ??

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