Mango parfait


I had some leftover canned mango pulp that was sitting in the ziplock bag, which I could have easily had as it is! But the blogger in me was itching to do something with it. Browsed through my refrigerator , I had a sponge cake, cool whip and I had recently bought mangoes from the grocery store ! So I already knew what I was making – parfait it was. The previous night I prepared the jelly and let it set , so I could put this together the next day. This is quite similar to the fruit custard and jelly I’ve shared earlier , except this time I took the shorter way out and used cool whip instead of making the custard. You could also use some yogurt , sweeten it and whisk it well to get rid of any lumps. To make it even more decadent how about a cream cheese plus condensed milk mixture ? Aahh endless possibilities, there is always a next time πŸ™‚

For now I enjoyed this creamy mangoliciously parfait ! Simple, fuss free and divine!


Ingredients :

2 cake slices , 1 cup cubed cake pieces
1/2 cup mango pulp
1 cup of whipped cream/ custard/ sweet whisked yogurt
1 cup small mango pieces
1 jelly packet
Mint leaves and cherries for garnish ( optional )

Preparation :
1. Prepare the jelly as per package instructions, leave it to set. I like to do this in the night so it sets well in the refrigerator overnight.
2. Take your serving glass, layer as following :-
1/2 cup cake pieces,

1/4 cup mango pulp,

1/4 cup of whipped cream/ custard / sweet whisked yogurt,

1/2 cup of mango pieces,

1/4 cup of whipped cream/ custard/ sweet whisked yogurt,

Top it off with some roughly chopped jelly cubes , or with some nuts of your choice. Garnish with cherries and mint leaves. You can let this sit in the refrigerator for a couple of hours( only Β if you use custard ) or serve right away( preferably for the cream version) Enjoy!



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