Serradura ( Portuguese sawdust pudding)

Who doesn’t like quick fix recipes , I know I do !!!, and quick fix desert recipes are the best kind. Today I’d like to share yet another simple dessert that is quick to put together, although you still need to wait to enjoy it as it requires some time to set. So this makes for a great make ahead dessert! This no cook yet fancy dessert is known as Serradura, a Portuguese pudding! Continue reading →

Rose and pistachio ice box cake


Hello folks!
Sharing a super simple , quick and fun dessert! All you need is patience , yes for it to set 🙁
I can’t believe it took me 6 months to make this ice box cake ! I had actually drafted this recipe after looking at the surplus heavy cream lying in my refrigerator after baking the decadent tres leches cake ! Well if you’ve had tres leches cake before , you sure know how rich and indulgent it is ! So that’s it my quota for that months sweet treat was done, anything more and it would have been a little too much ! Continue reading →

Cake truffles


Hello folks !
Today’s post is quite an unexpected one for I didn’t plan on making these cake truffles! What I had in fact planned on sharing was a simple cake , an experiment that didn’t have a successful outcome. The cake didn’t turn out bad, but was not great either !
So what to to with the cake gone wrong ? Make cake pops , that’s what came to my mind as that’s probably the most convenient option out there ! So I shopped for these sprinkles and candy melts and wait ! I forgot the lollipop sticks itself ! How silly ! So cake truffles it was instead! They tasted so much better with the cream cheese and condensed milk binding and that chocolate coating of course ! I added a bit of cocoa powder as the cake was plain vanilla flavored. A little cakey and fudgy like a good dense brownie  , slathered in chocolate , best of both the world’s  ? Continue reading →

Instant Shahi Rabdi


Shahi Rabdi is a rich, creamy , thickened, sweetened milk dessert, popular in North India. Ideally it is made by the continuous simmering and reducing of milk in wide thick bottomed pan,whilst collecting the layers of cream which form at the sides of the pan. Now this process can take at least 2 hours, depending on the quantity of milk, which is quite laborious. (I’ve still got to try this method.) Continue reading →

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