Dahi Bhindi ( Okra simmered in a spiced and tangy yogurt curry)

Okra is one of my favorite veggies! I can have okra in all forms, be it fried or in the form of a curry. Many people run away from okra because of its slimy nature. But if cooked correctly this veggie is an absolute delight to the taste buds. In India, okra is cooked in so many ways, so you can never get bored of the same dish. I will be sharing my favorite okra recipes in the coming months. Continue reading →

Bendem ani sungtam kodi (Goan Okra and shrimp curry)

Bendem is okra/lady finger, sungtam is prawns/shrimps and kodi is curry in the Konkani language. This  is a simple, delicious and mildly spiced curry, consisting of fresh coconut and aromatic spices, well balanced with the sourness from the tamarind. The addition of okra not only adds a textural element to this dish, but also adds an amazing subtle flavor that cannot be missed ! And the shrimps, so juicy and succulent, after absorbing all those beautiful aromatics! Simply yummmm! If you love okra, then do try out this simple and quick recipe! It’s best paired with Goan red boiled rice, which is supposed to be healthier than the normal white rice, as the red rice is not processed, keeping all the nutrients intact. However, regular rice and bread are great accompaniments too!

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Bharli Bhendi ( Stuffed okra)


Hello folks! Today lets embark on a food journey to the state of Maharashtra, India.

Bharli bhendi is a delectable Maharastrian dish. ‘Bharli’ means stuffed and ‘bhendi’ means Okra in marathi . Here, coconut and peanuts constitute the essence of the stuffing mixture. Continue reading →