Corn & paneer kebabs


I absolutely love kebabs/ croquettes as an appetizer. Also it is a great finger food for kids and adults alike.

My original plan was to make only corn kebabs like I do usually. But I happened to have some paneer , so thought of incorporating it too. These corn and paneer kebabs turned out extremely delicious , even better than the normal corn kebabs. This mixture actually mimics a non vegetarian kebab mixture, Seriously you wouldn’t know that these are vegetarian.Crisp exterior and succulent on the inside, this kebab is  truly a foodie’s delight! Do give them a try! 🙂 Continue reading →

Palak paneer


Palak paneer, another popular north Indian dish, is a luscious spinach gravy adorned with melt in the mouth paneer cheese.
There are so many ways of preparing this , but I love to make it the way I’ve learnt from my mum. It’s involves a simple preparation of blanching ,pureeing and then cooking the spinach to make an exquisite gravy. There are no spice powders used here, the cumin seeds and the humble onion add enough flavor, along with the ginger and garlic. Onions should always be sauteed on a low heat, this breaks down the natural sugar present in onions, making it sweet. The heavy cream definitely adds to a rich finish, but it can be avoided . For a vegan version, you can substitute paneer with tofu. Continue reading →

Paneer malai kofta curry ( Indian curry with cottage cheese dumplings)


I first had this heavenly treat as a kid at a restaurant in my neighborhood and it was probably the best vegetarian dish I have ever savored. I still remember biting into that cottage cheese dumpling, with the nuts and raisins and finally that smooth creamy gravy to finish that delicious bite. Layers of goodness, I say 🙂 Continue reading →

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