Bagara baingan (Eggplant curry)


It’s time for  Lina’s April challenge . This time Lina had a rather unusual challenge for us, we had to select a random number, from 1-30 , upon selecting a certain number she would reveal the dish alloted  for that particular number . I  selected the number 12. Continue reading →

Apam balik ( South East Asian pancakes)


Natascha from Natascha’s palace is hosting a pancake party , and I’m delighted to bring along these apam balik , a type of pancake popular in  South east Asian countries like Malaysia , Singapore & Indonesia. These are sweet crispy pancakes that are stuffed with an interesting mixture of peanuts, sugar & creamed corn  along with loads of other  add on’s like sesame seeds, chocolate & cheddar cheese . The batter for this pancake is fermented using yeast. I used dark chocolate – peanut butter along with some crushed peanuts for the filling. Whilst grinding the peanuts I ended up over grinding them, hence they weren’t as coarse as I wanted them to be, so that’s the only thing I would redo if I had to! Other than that these were really good and quite different for a change from the regular pancakes. I served them along with some berries and that made for a lovely Sunday breakfast ! Will I make this again? Sure I will, probably with some other flavor combination or some other nut butter , perhaps ?? 😀 Continue reading →