Mediterranean Quinoa & Chickpea salad

This Mediterranean quinoa & chickpea salad is quick, easy, light, filling, protein-rich, and delicious!

Hi guys! Hope you had a lovely weekend :)Today’s post happens to be the 200th post on my blog, a tiny space in the wide web world. But it is a little milestone for me, nonetheless.

Usually, I tend to lean towards sharing a dessert for such little occasions, but I thought I’d change that up. So this time around, I have this super healthy, protein-rich Mediterranean Quinoa & Chickpea salad to share with you. And with this post, I’m also pleased that quinoa has made an appearance on my blog. Continue reading →

Sweet corn soup | Sweet corn vegetable soup


Hi guys !

I would like to wish all my readers and everyone out there a Happy Onam, the harvest festival celebrated in Kerala, India! Today I’d like to share another simple and quick Indo Chinese dish !

 Sweet corn soup is a thick, creamy, delicious and comforting Indo-Chinese soup, enjoyed by adults and children alike. As the name suggests, it is on the sweeter side , and hence mostly served with accompaniments like chilly vinegar ( which is nothing but chopped spicy chillies marinated in vinegar), soy sauce and chilly sauce. There are so many variations of this soup, like the inclusion of chicken, crabs and in this case, lots of veggies. You can even throw in a beaten egg when the soup is boiling towards the end. Continue reading →

Papaya ginger oatmeal smoothie


Kickstart your day with this delicious smoothie packed with the goodness of papaya, ginger and oats! The citrusy orange juice adds a zesty flavor making this smoothie even better!

We all know the health benefits of papaya, this tropical & luscious fruit is a rich source of antioxidants along with other minerals. I’ve added ginger to this smoothie to boost its nutritional benefits . Ginger is known to relieve digestive issues, reduce inflammation & nausea along with so many other benefits. And the added bonus that makes this smoothie healthier is the inclusion of oats , providing some additional dietary fiber along with the beneficiary and heart healthy soluble fibers from papaya. Overall this smoothie is packed with healthy ingredients , that will sure put a good start to your day:) Continue reading →