Goan recheado masala stuffed squids (Calamari)

Stuffed squids aka calamari are a classic and popular Goan appetizer! You will find it on the menu of most Goan beach shacks. It is stuffed with a mix of sauteed onions and chopped tentacles cooked in the fiery and tangy Goan recheado masala paste.

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Recheado chicken drumsticks

chicken drumsticks

Howdy guys !

I’m back after another mini vacation from Goa! It was more of a hectic vacation, meeting relatives and shopping for all the spices and other foodstuff to carry back home.

Since I’m back from Goa, it’s only apt I share something from the region – Rechaedo chicken drumsticks. Although Recheado is mostly used as a marinade for fish and other sea food in Goa, I learnt about using it for poultry from my mum in law. And let me tell you, it complements chicken very well too, especially if the marinade is left overnight. I’ve already shared the recipe of Recheado masala earlier, in case you missed it, you can find it here🙂 Continue reading →

Goan Recheado masala


Recheado masala, is a very popular Goan condiment. It is fiery and tangy, mostly used as a stuffing for mackerels, and other sea food. This paste is so versatile, it can also be used for marinating chicken,  and so many other dishes, You can check my post on Goan style calamari,where I’ve used recheado masala paste for the preparation of this dish. This can also be used as a marinade for chicken , prawns or even Paneer. Continue reading →