Soft Idli recipe (South Indian steamed rice cakes) | How to make idli & dosa batter in the mixer grinder

Idlis are steamed rice cakes made by steaming a fermented batter of rice and black lentils. Sometimes fenugreek seeds are also added as it helps in fermentation and imparts a nice aroma to the batter. Idlis are a staple breakfast in most South Indian households. It is perfect with podi (spiced powder), a spicy chutney, piping hot sambar and along with filter coffee, breakfast is sorted!

I have to admit, I love South Indian food to the core. I could live on it every day. Masala dosa’s, idli sambar, puri bhaji were a weekly staple in Mumbai until I moved here to the US. Unfortunately, there aren’t any restaurants here in my little town that offer South Indian cuisine. So like most things, I had to learn how to prepare them, to satisfy my idli and dosa cravings. Continue reading →

Chicken 65 (Baked version)


Chicken 65 is a popular dish in South India, mostly served as an appetizer/entrée. Bone in or boneless chicken chunks are marinated in a flavorful and spicy marinade and deep fried. Of course, anything fried HAS to be tasty!! Period! In most cases, red food color is added to the marinade, which gives this dish an even more appetizing look. Today, I’m happy to share with you this rather healthier, baked version chicken 65! Continue reading →

Sambhar | Sambar (South Indian lentil & vegetable stew)


Sambar or Sambhar  is an integral part of the South Indian cuisine. It is a lentil based stew with the addition of various vegetables or sometimes just one vegetable is added. It is a perfect accompaniment to idli’s ( steamed rice cakes), dosa’s ( crispy rice crepes), uttapam ( pretty much an Indian version of pizza :p) or medu wada ( savory Indian donuts :D) and the likes. One of my favorite meals is plain steamed rice with piping hot sambhar, an omelette, some crunchy papad and pickle.Thoroughly satisfying!

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